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Acting Coaching

In addition to being an actor and playwright, Marianne is also an acting coach focussed on the world renowned work of Larry Moss, her mentor of 22 years and counting as well as Jean Louis Rodrigue, master alexander technique, character and movement teacher, Patsy Rodenburg, master Shakespeare voice and speech teacher, Giles Foreman and Bob Krakower, just to name a few.

Marianne believes in the transformative healing power and grace of storytelling through the craft of acting and it is her mission to keep the brilliance of the work alive helping actors explore and refine the depths of their creative potential.


As the Guido Girl would say, “She knows her s**t!”


Marianne studied Theatre at Hunter College, and is also a body specialist focussed on pilates, the alexander technique, and breath work. She offers private coaching to actors virtually or in-person at her home studio located in the Inwood neighborhood of Upper Manhattan.

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